Monday, July 19, 2010

I soooo heart vintage!

Ok, so my surprise that I mentioned earlier is...I'm starting my own online vintage boutique! I'm so very excited and I have been dreaming about this for years. I absolutely love looking at blogs, my favorites of which I've posted a few posts down. Check it out! I'm really coming into myself on the crafting realm, and excited to put some hard work and a love of vintage fashion into making the world a cuter place, one outfit at a time!
So, my first vintage "quirky" piece is the necklace at your right -->
I posted this on ebay about a week or so ago, and decided this would be my dipping-my-toe-into-selling-vintage pool. If the necklace sold, I'd post a few more items...if those sold, then I would just keep posting more and then go onto my own website. I'm doing a lot of research right now, not just the vintage fashion, but what's selling right now, looking around online at prices, looking at my local thrift stores, getting prices for business cards, reading books on women in business, etc. I really enjoy doing research, so this is actually all fun for me!
That's my big surprise...what do you think? I'll be posting items on here as well as my facebook page so you all can keep updated on my new vintage world.
Great night to you all and God bless!!


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