Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lovely Saturday

Hello all!
I'm just checking in, I had a lovely Saturday so far. Chris had a late, late, LATE softball game last night, we didn't leave the park until nearly 2 a.m., just hanging out with some work mates. So of course bedtime was super late, but we woke up early.
I wasn't feeling so well, still kind of a wonky tummy, but we relaxed around the house, I did some laundry, then we went to pick up my fabulous almost sister-in-law and went to an awesome lunch of yummy fish and chips and great conversation. Four hours later, we came home, I napped, watching an episode of The Office (The Chump) and now Chris and I are going to marathon play Phase10 with preztels :o)

Lovely weekend to you all!
Miss Irish

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I thought this would be a fun post to look back on...

Pictured is our little flower area...we switched these out once before as we found the little cement holders we have the flowers in don't retain enough water to actually GET to the we drown them and it's worked so far! little veggie garden I'm so proud of. We have two types of tomatoes, greens, a tiny little strawberry plant and some onions Chris planted during Mother's Day weekend.

This is our little backyard tree....I love how Chris planted the flowers around it. Simple, but very cute.

Another little planter area...Chris got these bricks from my dad, and created a little corner of gorgeous plants. My favorites are the Breath of Heaven's, at the end.

Couldn't resist taking this cute pic of Miss :o)

Where I spend 8+ hours of my day...

Evenin' chicklets! So this may be boring to some (most) of you, but I decided to show a photo of my desk at work! Considering I sit here a majority of my day, this is a huge part of my life and I wanted to share with all of you!
Pictured is what my desk basically looks like on any given time of day...but usually with more papers! I didn't clean up my area for the picture. It's all real, all the time, baby! A quick little tour...clearly, my computer with my oh-so-comfy keyboard. I have a little tower on the right side of the computer, facing, that has pens, highlighters and paperclips, respectivally, in the three-tiered drawer. On top of it are some sticky notes and a photo of my co-workers baby (my bean!). To the left is my coffee cup and some animal crackers. I also have a dictionary and then other random work stuff.

Here is a face-on close up of what I literally look at all day everyday. Tres chic, no? :o)

What does YOUR workspace look like?!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Scrapbook Pages

Above is a close up page of the pages I did for the marathon Chris and myself did in Sacramento last weekend. I had some spare ribbon lying around, so I decided to boarder the page on the inside, just for some difference and some texture to the page.

On the left are the tags we wore on our shirts in the race, as well as the timers we had on our shoes with a parking pass. Just some momento's I wanted to save as well as some pictures.

I like this page - I had some cute paper of color crayons and thought it would be cute as a school page of the girls. I used pictures of Zina doing her mission project, as well as Lizzy on her way to school.

While Zina was doing a girl scout activity, we took Elizabeth with us to Table Mountain. It was a gorgeous day, kids were flying kites, there was a nice soft breeze. I played up on the wild flower picture of Elizabeth and made some flowers of my own. I found that cute idea in one of my mom's scrapbook magazines. The flowers will also be very cute if you use ribbon instead of paper.

This is a close up of the flower I did. It was very easy and took no time at all! I sewed thread into the button holes just to give it a more finished, put-together look.

Scrapbook Pages

Spending a weekend with my mom to hang out on Mother's Day and do some scrapbooking...hope you enjoy the pages!

I made this little Girl Scout page for Zina. She has been helping out with horses, so I dedicated a page to a gorgeous Sunday she spent removing old fencing and installing new for some rescue horses. I chose a darker color paper to make it less "girly" as it's an outside page and to blend with the color of the horses. I chose orange to accent a photo of Zina as well as my journaling as I felt it looks pretty next to the brown. I used photo corners on the top photo of Liz & Zina, clearly exhausted, and had some old Western embelishments that I decided to use a horse on the page.

Next is my dear sweet neice. I had some school photos of her I wanted to put onto a page, and saw a cute idea in one of my mom's scrapbook magazines to make a collage of school photos. I had on hand three pictures of her and I together, so added those to the page as well. I love this paper, I got it in a big packet at Ross. I wanted to dress up the flowers, so I added the buttons and I think it turned out great! As for the journaling, I wrote a few of the inside jokes we share.

A "play page" of the girls. I found these cute little monkey stickers at Wal-Mart for only a dollar, and thought it was perfect. I call the girls my little monkeys, and the center photo is of Liz climbing a little play rock wall, with dad standing next to her, so it really ties the stickers together! I'm excited to make a lot of "play pages" of the girls...

This one was a challenge for me. I had some good pictures of Chris' 42nd birthday party, which would not all fit on one page. So, I just made it really simple to get the photos on there, and cut out my own balloons, adding ribbon as the balloon string.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Today is Chris and my one year anniversary! Holy cow, what a journey it's been! I never thought that a year ago today I'd be living in a new, larger house, engaged with three children. Makes me kind of nervous to see where we will be a year from now! :o)
I received a super cool gift card to a nice restaurant, so we are going to dinner right after work today (after I change into a cute dress, of course) then to a Comedy Show, so I'm really excited about today! Happy Anniversary baby, the first of a thousand! xoxo