Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lovely Saturday

Hello all!
I'm just checking in, I had a lovely Saturday so far. Chris had a late, late, LATE softball game last night, we didn't leave the park until nearly 2 a.m., just hanging out with some work mates. So of course bedtime was super late, but we woke up early.
I wasn't feeling so well, still kind of a wonky tummy, but we relaxed around the house, I did some laundry, then we went to pick up my fabulous almost sister-in-law and went to an awesome lunch of yummy fish and chips and great conversation. Four hours later, we came home, I napped, watching an episode of The Office (The Chump) and now Chris and I are going to marathon play Phase10 with preztels :o)

Lovely weekend to you all!
Miss Irish

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