Sunday, May 9, 2010

Scrapbook Pages

Spending a weekend with my mom to hang out on Mother's Day and do some scrapbooking...hope you enjoy the pages!

I made this little Girl Scout page for Zina. She has been helping out with horses, so I dedicated a page to a gorgeous Sunday she spent removing old fencing and installing new for some rescue horses. I chose a darker color paper to make it less "girly" as it's an outside page and to blend with the color of the horses. I chose orange to accent a photo of Zina as well as my journaling as I felt it looks pretty next to the brown. I used photo corners on the top photo of Liz & Zina, clearly exhausted, and had some old Western embelishments that I decided to use a horse on the page.

Next is my dear sweet neice. I had some school photos of her I wanted to put onto a page, and saw a cute idea in one of my mom's scrapbook magazines to make a collage of school photos. I had on hand three pictures of her and I together, so added those to the page as well. I love this paper, I got it in a big packet at Ross. I wanted to dress up the flowers, so I added the buttons and I think it turned out great! As for the journaling, I wrote a few of the inside jokes we share.

A "play page" of the girls. I found these cute little monkey stickers at Wal-Mart for only a dollar, and thought it was perfect. I call the girls my little monkeys, and the center photo is of Liz climbing a little play rock wall, with dad standing next to her, so it really ties the stickers together! I'm excited to make a lot of "play pages" of the girls...

This one was a challenge for me. I had some good pictures of Chris' 42nd birthday party, which would not all fit on one page. So, I just made it really simple to get the photos on there, and cut out my own balloons, adding ribbon as the balloon string.

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