Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jeans to Skirt

Hey everyone! I've been checking out sewing blogs quite a bit lately - I can't get enough of them! I found this quick, easy idea on one of them. Take an old pair of pants/jeans that you don't wear anymore for whatever reason, cut on the seam between the legs, cut the length you want, then insert fabric. One idea that I found on a separate blog was to cut in four (4) different "V" shapes, so that would be an additional two (2) on the side. I thought it was unnecessary, so I didn't do that, but once I put the skirt on, I could see why. Since they were once pants, they were kind of wide at the hip then narrowed out in a funny shape towards the bottom when on. I'll definitely do this again, but with the two extra pieces on the sides.

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