Friday, February 26, 2010


So...I'm an engaged woman now. I'm really happy, it just hasn't quite kicked in yet. The knowledge that Chris wants to get married as soon as possible, which could mean THIS year, which means we should start planning, saving, etc., for it. We haven't told the kids yet: not really the best time, so in a few months, things will really be going underway. I tried to make a wedding guest list, but it just feels too soon. Don't get me wrong, I'm definately a planner, but I've barely been engaged a full 24 hours.
I can already tell that because I'm so head-strong, I may be a little bit of a difficult bride-to-be. I'm not huge on weddings, it's not one of those "dreams" I dreamed as a little girl, more like passing daydreams as a teenager, so I'm planning from scratch: I don't have set colors, or songs, or a dress or hairstyle or anything! Perhaps I should have day dreamed about it longer so when the time came, I'd have some ideas!
Be sure that I'm going to now be posting lots of wedding-idea and/or inspired posts, hope you all don't get as bored or tired of me as I do when listening to others plan their weddings...I've now become "that woman"!

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