Monday, August 31, 2009

Currently Addicted To...

There are 4 websites I'm currently addicted to, think you should check them out when you have a chance! (these are in no particular order)
1. - If you like to stay current on celebrity gossip (as I do!) this is the perfect place to visit. I log on once a day, I absolutely HAVE TO! The website is maintainted by a sweet little gay boy named Mario who goes by Perez Hilton, so keep in mind he can be a bit graphic with his opinions, and half the celeb pictures/comments are not safe for work, or as he will pre-warn NSFW! He also has great music, as he's an avid music lover. If you like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, as I do, this guy actually gave them both a lot of exposure and they are not personal friends of his (as well as Mika, and other singers). Like I said, great place for celebrity gossip.
2. - This website is also maintained by Perez Hilton, and is more centered on fashion. Same great gossip, tho, but he focuses on which designers are lowering prices, celeb photo shoots, new fragrances, celeb styles.
3. & Post Secret on Twitter - People write their secrets on post cards, then mail them to this guy, Frank Warren. He posts new secrets every Sunday, and has...I want to say 5 or 6 books published of these secrets. They are very arty and poetic, which is why I like them. I have a twitter account, but I usually have way too much to say for a little twitter, so I blog :o)
I do follow post secret on twitter, but not obsessively.
4. - with all the gossip/art talked about, I do love to keep up on current events, so I make sure I check out videos and articles everyday from this website. It's important to know what's going on in our world at the moment to keep up on things.

Hope you all have time to take a peek at some of my favorite websites and enjoy them as I do! Warning: Some may be addicting! :o)

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  1. Perez Hilton *heart* He is trying to get this new guy out Sliimy. Alot like MIKA/Lady Gaga. Good stuff. Anyway, you should at least put links to your blog post on Twitter, then you can gain more readers and followers. It's actually fun, trying to contain your thoughts in 140 characters. Anyway, love yah! So glad you are blogging again!