Thursday, December 10, 2009

Are You My Mommy?

One of the kids is having some homework issues.
I, myself, love doing researching and/or projects. This benefits, as I need to try and figure out where exactly this child is having issues. Bored in class? Instructions from teacher not clear? Too much freedom?
I've been emailing said child's teachers to get the input as to what the issue is. Said child has not been entirely truthful, telling us there is no homework when in fact...there is homework!
It was informed to us "grown-ups" (I use perenthesis because I still don't quite feel like one) that maybe one of the issues could be a particular teacher. I email the principal, then talk to him on the phone in my most mature, grown-up voice. I then email the teacher with my ten dollar eloquent words and set up a meeting for dad and child. Dad then tells me he wants me to go to the meeting. Can you believe it?! I'm actually meeting with a child's teacher (a child that's kinda sorta in a way, mine) to talk academics, and home life working in harmony so said child can learn and do homework in clean, safe environments, and what sir, can his father and I do to help?
Oh my gosh, I'm mind-boggled by it. Me, Miss Irish, a grown-up? With a partner and children? Doing responsible things? That's crazy.
So...what should I wear?!

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