Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Little Things

I love this picture so much I have to share it...Christmas is obviously on the brain (my absolute FAVORITE holiday!), and I was thrilled to find out last night that BOTH of Chris' girls believe in Santa Claus!
I was eight years old when I stopped believing and that was only because I over-heard a conversation at school by accident. I remember so vividly who it was that said it, she told another classmate, "Besides, everyone knows Santa Claus is your parents." I was heartbroken! I got to re-live a little through my niece, but not for very long. As I said, I'm thrilled there are two little ones that can bring back the special magic of Christmas this year! :o)
Once my laptop is fixed, I have a ton of pictures to upload and will do lots of fabulous little blogs that I do so well! :o)

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