Monday, March 15, 2010


I guess I can blog about the bad days as well as the good, right?
Wasn't a good weekend - Thomas really crossed the line with me, then of course Chris and I got in a fight about that...Don't know how to handle it, Thomas always has a problem with his mother as well as a certain teacher, whom I think is great, and is VERY I really don't want to bother with him. Chris wants to sit down and talk it out, but I'm really pretty much over it.
Anyway...there's a bit of my "full-plate" life, as a good friend cleverly put it. Yes, I do have a very full plate, but if Chris and I can remember to work as a team, we should be good to go!
It's very, very busy at work, as I'm covering for a co-worker on maternity leave. I enjoy it, though, I work very well under pressure and feel more in control and in charge and feel like I can put my name proudly on the end of the day on days like this.
Despite being busy, of course I have time to blog :)

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