Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Not Quite Clever Enough...

Grrr...welcome to my pity party, Party of One, of course.
I'll get to the point: I love Jen Lancaster. I love her humor, I love her writing, I love her blog, I love her books (see http://www.jennsylvania.com/).
She just wrote a blog about how she wanted to be a regular contributor to a newspaper so people can read her to the tune of their morning coffee, on a subway, post favorite clippings of her stories at their office cubicle's. She said she loved to write and just wrote and wrote and wrote enough to where she had enough for a book. Then she kept writing, enough to have at least a half a dozen books by now...
I remember that dream. I miss that dream. I miss the HOURS I used to spend writing, proof-reading, and submitting to a poetry or short story contest. That was one of the best, most creative and self-fulfilling times of my life! I woke up thinking of writing, I read constantly, I studied other poems and essays and short stories, would spend days on end at the library, curled up with a chunky sweater and hair up, glasses perched close to my face. I had encouragement from my best friends, especially one Miss. Jaimie, who also gave me inspiration and made me realize: Hey - I'm creative! And I love it! And I was REALLY good at it!
I miss that girl, so much sometimes it hurts. She dreamed big and really put herself out there, not letting rejection get her down. She dreamed of wall-papering her room with rejection letters and slips...and laughing gleefully the day her great novel or great book of poetry was published.
I really want her back...

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