Thursday, March 18, 2010

Two Things Thursday...or Wednesday...or Saturday Morning, whenever I get around to it

Got a really great idea from another blog (one of MANY!) that I love...I'm going to post a blog once a week showing two things around my house I love...I kind of automatically knew what I wanted to post first: Chris. He's definately something around my house I love! But, there's enough about him, so I decided to be materialistic about it.
The first picture, below, are thrift store finds. I really like vines, I think they're pretty, can be used to decorate anything, and it's very earthy. It came as is on this "gate" that although looks sturdy and metal, is actually really bendable plastic! The two photos to our left are also little finds from a thrift store. Pretty vintage looking photos, don't you think?

This second photo shows some older books - I love old books! They're so glamorous to me, the rattier, the better! I have quite a few, most gotten for a quarter at the local library, local book stores or thrift stores. They really bring some class to a room, I think. Use old books to adorn a coffee table, line shelves with them, anything! And yes, I do read them.
Next to it is a pretty balernia collectable my mommy bought me a long time ago as a gift. I may be 28 years old, but yes, I still love pretty dolls!
What do you love around your house?

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