Saturday, September 26, 2009


Dropped Chris off at the airport yesterday, the drive home was fine, but I got pulled over and got a ticket. I was speeding on 149, the CHP was very nice and polite, long story short, I got a long lecture and a ticket for having my seatbelt off when being pulled over...not for speeding. He said if he gave me a speeding ticket for the mileage I was going, the ticket would be over $300. WHEW! God bless the CHP!
Let Chris know when he called me later last night, at first he thought it was funny, then he was worried, now he doesn't want me driving his truck anymore :o(
Had a great nights' sleep after a 3 hour nap yesterday, so I started working in the shed. Got up this morning around 9:30 to watch a little bit of America's Next Top Model and wake up...and now I'm just a bit over halfway done in the shed! Very excited, will post pictures when complete.
Hope you all are enjoying your Saturday morning!
Miss Irish

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