Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shopping: Forever 21/Faith 21

Newfound Love - Forever 21!
Stopped by the mall last night to cash in two super cool gift cards I got in the mail: 1 for a free pair of panties at Victoria's Secret and 1 free small lotion at Bath & Body Works. Score!
Stopped through Forever 21, ran into my girl friend Angela and we roamed the isles's huge! The same Gottschalks building, so nothing but cute clothes, accessories, small sections for purses and shoes. Just about EVERYTHING I saw, I loved! The accessories are enormous, bold, gorgeous! Cute flower pins, bracelets, necklaces, and huge rings that I love. Shoes and purses weren't that big of a selection, but I did find some sandals I liked, but Angela said she wouldn't hang out with me if I wore them :o)
So then, here's the best part...the have a section of the store for us curvy mama's. The clothes are called Faith 21. Oh my goodness. The CUTEST tops, skirts and dresses! Big selection of cute dresses that are more dressy than a regular Saturday afternoon. I didn't buy anything, but all day at work I kept thinking of this cute red and black plaid shirt with super cute feminine ruffles on the front that didn't make it look so butch. I went back on my lunch hour, but unfortunatelly they sold out! :o( I did find a pink and white shirt that is exactly the same, you all know I love pink so I'm still thrilled. Plus - on sale for $8.99! :o)
I will now officially be buying all of my accessories there.
Best thing that happened to Chico (and my closet) is Forever 21!

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