Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Funny story.
I get an email a few months back from one of the local movie theaters, asking me to take part of a survey.
It's all about 3D movies. Questions such as: Would I pay a few extra dollars to see a 3D movie? Would I even watch a 3D movie? I answered no to all questions. Don't see the point, don't want to spend the extra money. For taking part in the survey, they mailed me two movie tickets. SCORE!
Chris and myself finally get a free second, so we decide to go to the movies on Sunday. I wanted to watch the new Jim Carey movie, "A Christmas Carol." We arrive at the theater, my movie tickets clutched in my hand and they tell me I owe them two more dollars...the movie is in 3D! I just had to laugh at it all.
Well, needless to say the movie is absolutely wonderful, and I never want to watch anything BUT 3D!
Miss Irish

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