Friday, November 13, 2009

Trailer Trash...

I'm a little nervous...Chris was out on a job today and found a double-wide mobile home for "Free" and is wanting to take a drive out to Gridley tomorrow to have me take a look at it. He kept saying "Keep an open mind" so that means it's tore up from the floor up.
I admit we need the space. He's thinking of gutting it and rewiring and replumbing it, then adding an additional room for us to move into so we have more room. I agree, we do need more room. I don't mind so much living in a mobile home, I've done it before when I was in high school for about a year. He's wanting to find a trailer park with an opening to haul it then park it. But a wise woman once told me that the only thing trashy about living in a trailer is if it's in a trailer park. I own a BB Gun. I am afraid the woman above will one day be me.

Miss Irish

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  1. Come look at it, then tell him NO FOOL! Then come visit me!