Monday, November 2, 2009

Sick Bed...

The Halloween party this weekend went FABULOUS! More on that later...because unfortunatelly, right now I'm sick :o(
Not sure with what quite yet...went to bed last night with an awful itch in my throat, woke up to full-fledged soreness, then suffered throughout the day. By 4 p.m., my throat had it. So, either coming into strep throat or another sinus infection, which would be awful considering I just had a sinus infection at the beginning of the summer. I was on a very strong antibiotic, I'd hate to have to take more medication this year! My poor immune system!
So, tonight I'm just relaxing. I've posted a picture of my "sick bed" for those of you who are curious as to where I spend my miseries. You'll see a bucket with some yummy candy in it, some throat lozenges and other cold medicine Chris went out and got for me tonight. I have a few notebooks and a pen because I cannot talk without pain, so I've been writing notes to Chris. A book I was reading before Chris brought my laptop to me and hooked it up for me so I could watch movies...can't wait until I feel better, I have a how-to blog to post for some Halloween decorations I did this weekend, but no longer have energy...nite-nite!
Miss Sick Irish

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