Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Report by Zina....

The nine year old has a report due! Her class is studying missions in school, so we typed up her report together, and I wanted to save it because it's soooo cute. I got tears in my eyes as she was reading her report back to me, I hope you enjoy this tiny piece of history in my life! LOL. When she is older, I will let her read this and I think she will get a kick out of it....enjoy !!

Mission San Miguel

Mission San Miguel was founded in 1797 by Father Fermin Francisco de LaSuen. It was called

Vahca by the natives. In English it is called "The Wells." The first church was built in 1797. It

was lost in a fire in 1806. It took ten years to re-build again. In 1821 it was finally re-built.

There was around a thousand Indians. By 1834 there were only 30 Indians. In 1846 it turned

into a hotel, saloon, and like a store just not like today's Wal-Mart.

The Missions were given back to the church in 1859. I thought that it was for the Indians. And

a priest moved in 1878. In 2003 which was seven years ago there was an earthquake, so now

there is a crack from the roof to the floor.

In 2008, October the 2nd, it was opened with a cemetary. Clearly it was today a church, a place

where people can become a priest and a cemetary.

It was named after an Angel. I thought if I made San Miguel, I could find out why it has it's

name today. It is cool being named after an Angel, Saint Michael, just like my grandpa on my

mom's side and my grandpa on my dad's side.

The End

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