Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Night...

Hey all, it's pretty late (ten minutes to nine - late for me!) but Chris and the kids are rocking out downstairs on Rockband and their off-tune voices are keeping me up.
Hope you all have a BEYOND happy Easter! Remember what it's about...Will post some pics of the kids tomorrow - we are taking them out of town to grandma's for an Easter egg hunt and lunch.
Got dragged to prompt care today to have my very swollen, very sore infected finger looked at. Turns out I've got cellulitis (open wound that gets bacteria or staph inside of it and infects the skin and tissue). Got some epsom salt to do about 4-5 times a day of soaking and a very strong antibiotic I'm not entirely thrilled about. Last time I took this particular antibiotic, it made me throw up everyday. I know, I know I'm sorry I'm so gross.
I'm willing to suffer through and take the medicine, though, so I feel better!
So...go to Type in "newfamilygal" just like that - minus the parenthesis, of course. There are the videos I posted, my Outfit of the Day for curvy girls. Enjoy!
Miss Irish

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