Sunday, April 18, 2010

Two Things...errr...Three Things Sunday!

Below is my weekly edition of "Two Things" where I post two things around my house that I love. First off, I love thrifting...I love vintage stores, thrift stores, yards sales, etc. I have a lot of cute decor (and clothes!) that I have found hunting around shops and front yards of complete strangers, and would LOVE to share them with all of you!!
Some of the blogs I adore and check out everyday (oh, like 50 of them!) have started this "Two Things" and I would LOVE to see this trend take off! I like looking at other crafts, clothes, baking, hair styles and more that people show off, but come on! Let's see what you adore that is in your home!

I have this lovely teapot from my darling niece. She gave it to me last summer, it was from her neighbor, I believe, and thought of me as I love teapots. I only have a select few, but they are all gorgeous and will end up in this blog eventually :o) This is a good-sized teapot, it stands total about 8-9" and is heavy ceremic. I remember when my neice saw it displayed in my kitchen, she got such a cute little kick out of it, so that was special, too. I have it on top of some cupboards in the kitchen with all my "vintage" kitchenware.

Here are some Irish foods I got online from this company in Ireland. The name escapes me now, as I haven't ordered from them in YEARS. One thing that I love (among millions others) about Ireland? They have a chocolate brand called "Kimberleys" ( perfect and a sign from God is that?!) that make little treats that are very similar to the US version of moon pies (again, banana moon pies are one of the favorite treats). So these Irish foods are a small symbols of where my heart really is, but that is years of therapy and another blog in and of itself...they make for a cute display, no?

I decided to add one more item to my Two Things as it is, right now, my favorite thing in the evenings. My fiance goes off for military duty, sometimes out of the country, most recently out of state. That gorgeous man of mine purchased this webcam for the house computer, so now we can chat online and see each other. If I'm not mistaken, although he's been gone a little over a week, I've still been able to see him everyday. God bless modern technology!
Hope you all enjoyed this post, what's in YOUR house?

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