Thursday, October 22, 2009

Apron Time!

After looking thru some of my mom's craft magazines, and looking around on my new-found favorite blog (see below!), I found some gorgeous ideas for aprons! I thought to myself, how fun would that be?! I like to sew, and I think aprons are so classy, so fabulously 1950's housewife!
One idea I read from blog listed below is to recycle clothes around the house that maybe don't fit...that's so easy! I have a few skirts that are a bit too short for my stubby, chubby legs, yet they used to be my favorite skirts and I didn't have the heart to get rid of them. I took my favorite skirt, as you can see below.
Then, I cut it right in half, on the seam, as you can see it laid out on the table. I cut two long strips from the bottom, longer half, about 2" thick. Then I cut out a pocket. I seamed the two strips, which are the apron strings, seamed the skirt on the sides so it was even. Then, I sewed both ends of the strings on the sides.
Chris was kind enough to model for me so I could get a good direction as to where to place the pocket.
Last picture is the finished product! It's very simple...I'd say it took 30-45 minutes total to sew. Not too bad with no pattern, huh?
Can't wait to tackle a more elaborate apron, I think they would make beautiful Christmas gifts!
Miss Irish

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