Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Craft Table....finally!

I finally have a craft table!! It's not much to look at now, it is a work in progress. I'll post a blog at a later date to show you all the cute things I have to craft and scrapbook with.

This is basically it, my little corner by the water heater! The stackables on your left have stickers and lettering in the top shelf, and my scraps of paper in the middle. Bottom is empty for now, but I'm sure will fill up quickly!

Here's a close-up of a poster I got from an antique store a few years ago that I absolutely love. It used to be in my bedroom of the old house, but in the new house I'm trying to go simpler, cleaner, so it hangs out in my craft room now. I just love things from the '40's and '50's!! I'm a true vintage girl at heart.

This cute little shelf came from my mother's garage. I love the hooks it has at the bottom, that's where I hang some of my stickers and embelishments for scrapbooking. The two darling little dolls are birthday gifts from my mom years and years ago - I love them, they're so dainty and quaint. I'm 28, but yes, I still love dolls. The little creamer set came from my friend Jaimie, they actually belonged to her grandmother that passed away last year. Then there is my Irish Lucky Penny, and if I'm not mistaken, it was a gift from somebody, although I can't recall who at the moment.

Here's another little shelf, that's me and my amazing boyfriend who inspires me in literally everything I do, and I have a cute little jar of buttons. A candle used to be in that jar, but it's perfect size, so I scraped out the wax and my boyfriend cleaned it for me.

So there you have my crafting space. Wait for a post with more detail as to what cute stuff I have, I can't wait to show you!!
Miss Irish

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