Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life is Hard but God is Good

Hello everyone out there!
I'm just checking in - Chris and I made it home safely from the airport. It wasn't a foggy night as predicted, which was good. I would have loved to have gone to Germany with him, he's going again in August. If I can get everything together (passport, money, time off) then maybe I can go! That would be lovely. I would ADORE to go with him to Virginia in April, but alas, that will not work as I cannot take any time off as I'll be in the office alone for a few months. I'm VERY bummed out about it, but he gets to take trips all the time, so one of them I can go with him on!

It's been very busy and eventful since Chris has been back...a lot of unfortunate financial drama, church research, sleep depravation, etc. But however hard life is, God is still good! Can I get an Amen?

Hope you all have a blessed day...think of Him.

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