Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fun Wreath

Feeling crafty today, I saw a cute idea online on how to make your own homemade wreaths.
My boyfriend's son made a cute wreath with a bow for Christmas that we had hung on the front door. I loved coming home to a cute wreath on the door, and I think it sets the tone on the house inside, wouldn't you agree?
So I decided to make a wreath, using the same garland. I like to reuse and recycle items, this worked out perfectly!
I hope this inspires you to make your own lovely wreath for your front door...and share your ideas with me!

I used the same wreath and gathered some items I already had in my house: dried flowers left over from making the girls' headbands, buttons, lace, ribbon, and I grabbed an old shirt I loved wearing all the time. I love the satin material, and it tied at the waist. I decided to cut the ties off to use them as my ribbon.

I wrapped the tie around the wreath, and tied it like a shoelace. I then used a hot glue gun to wrap the dangling tie and tuck it into the knot. This made a four -point bow. I had a smaller tie on the shirt I cut in half and hot glued then under the loops to dangle. I did them at seperate lengths, so as to give it a chic-messy look.

This is the end product. I glued a flower in the center of the bow I made, then for fun glued two faux leaves to the side to give the entire bow a flower effect. Simple and easy! It only took five minutes, and I used materials I had lying around the house. I looped a ribbon around the top to keep the peep hole free, so I can position the ribbon at any time I want - on top, more on the side, centered in the choice! Hope you liked this, and I still love walking up to my door! :o)
Miss Irish

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