Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mr. Jabez

I am currently reading the book entitled "The Prayer of Jabez." What a wonderful book with a powerful message.
I encourage you to go out and purchase your own copy, so I won't divulge too much into it right now. I usually read a chapter of the Bible before I head to work in the morning, sometimes all I have the time for is a few verses. I'm in Psalms right now, so one verse is enough to chew on all day!
I've just been feeling really down and stressed out lately. I made myself have a bad day because all I could do was worry and fret about things not being done. Things not going my way. Once I got in the car to drive home at the end of the day, a song I heard long ago in church ran through my head - I still can't get rid of it. It's called "My Life is in Your Hands" and it goes a little like this, "My life is in Your hands. And though I may not see clearly, I will lift my voice and sing, Because Your love does amazing things! Lord I know my life is in Your hands!" I know I should worry about nothing and pray about everything, and I promise I'm trying...but this song really got me grounded and I sort of chastised myself - I know that I'm not in control. Whatever comes my way, or in the way of those I love, God is in control. God knows what will happen before we do.
So, I needed more uplifting and started to read the book again, and went to the verse in my Bible. Look it up: 1 Chronicles 4:10.
Claim it. Claim your blessings as Jabez did. Claim your blessings as I do. This verse is in my heart, his prayer is my own. And guess what? I'm so at peace...I'm so calm...because I am loved, and thankfully, NOT in control.
God's blessings to you!

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